Dani Stefanescu Robert Visa

CROSSFIRE was a pop-dance Band from Romania.

CROSSFIRE was founded and started in the first days of January 2012 by Dani Stefanescu. Dani worked on first productions with his friend Robert VisaAlso a member of some productions was Vocalist Axenia and DJ, Presenter and background organizer Jay Dee.

CROSSFIRE has reached many success and entered a lot of differend DJ-Votings and official chart positions in Europe. The Top Charttraxx: "In the middle of nowhere", "Take me away", "Lights fallin' down to me", "No need to run", "Heaven can fall" and "No Regrets". The Song "No Regrets" entered also many iTunes Track and Bundle Top-Chartpositions in Europe, Canada and Australia.

In Year 2014 left Robert the project CROSSFIRE.
He start his Producer-Only-Life with own projects and writing and producing for different Artists worldwide. Dani works again for CROSSFIRE with different Vocalists and also in cooperation with our In-House Producers on new productions.

Dani signs a record contract with suntraxxmusic for CROSSFIRE and his new project AEON BYTESThis contract extended and expanded the cooperation between Dani and our label suntraxxmusic.

The first official Maxi "No Regrets" and the EP "No Regrets (Remixes)" was released worldwide digital in August 2014 and was very successfully.

Dani stopped the project CROSSFIRE in 2015. New releases in the sound of CROSSFIRE will be now realized with his new project AEON BYTES.

The planed and longer awaited CROSSFIRE Album was released digital worldwide in March 2016 and called "THE BEST". The Album include 30 Tracks with all singles, promotions traxx, unreleased tracks, the Continuous-"Maraton Mix" and Remixes.