Synth Elements / Aphelion

Synth Elements  Aphelion

Slava R.

Slava R. a.k.a. Synth Elements / Aphelion is a Multi-Instrumentalist was born in Kiev, Ukraine. He went the country and go to Israel with age of 18 years. His music style since 2000s is Space Synth Music - he was addicted by this wonderful music.

In March 2013 Synth Elements released his first album and a remix album (both for promotion only) with many success. In 2014 our label suntraxxmusic became attentive to his music and we start with him to publish his music world wide. In 2015 Slava signs his first record contract with our label suntraxxmusic and 2017 Slava and our label group signs a longterm cooperation for the music project Synth Elements.

In 2016 create Slava R. a new side-project called Aphelion. The first Aphelion Album was also released on suntraxxmusic in 2016.

The new Album by the Synth Elements Project is out since November 2017 and called "The Fifth Element".